Thank you for visiting our site. However, we have closed for business and will no longer be selling or supporting BioPop products, nor taking any additional orders. We will honor any active gift coupons if redeemed by March 31, 2018. If you would like to get a DinoFood equivalent to feed your DinoPet or DinoSphere, please search for dinoflagellates and filtered sea water options available for sale on internet sites such as Amazon and Google.

We have enjoyed being able to bring to people interactive and living products that inspire connectivity with the natural world and hope that an appreciation for biological science continues to awaken the imagination in minds of all generations.

Is there a child in your life that you hope joins the next generation of leaders?

Perfect – you’re our kind of people.

As scientists, artists, and dreamers, we believe tomorrow’s challenges will be solved by today’s children.

With this in mind, we hope to give children the tools they need to become critical thinkers, problem-solvers, and leaders.

How can you get started? Easy! Start by introducing young minds to STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) at an early age.

To help you get going, we’ve rounded up a list of six STEM toys that will delight and inspire your future genius.

Inspire a Future Ecologist with a Dino Pet

Subjects: Biology, Chemistry, Ecology & Environmental Science
Ages: 5+
Price: $59.95

dino pet glowing dinosaur

The Dino Pet rightfully earns its spot at #1 because it allows you to witness one of nature’s most striking wonders inside your own home.

(And, I suppose it doesn’t hurt that we also make the product, but there’s no need to swim in the nitty gritty details… 😉)

The Dino Pet is a living dinosaur that glows when played with at night. The glow comes from microscopic dinoflagellates that photosynthesize during the day and glow – or, bioluminesce – at night.

By caring for the organisms and learning to observe the phenomena closely, bright minds will get the basic building blocks of biology and environmental science.

Watch Leopard Gecko propagate her dinoflagellate colony here.

Get a Hummingbird Robotics Kit for Your
Computer Engineer in Training

Subjects: Robotics, Engineering
Ages: 8+ (Adult Supervision recommended for ages 13 and under)
Price: $159

The Hummingbird Robotics Kit is legit. In fact, it’s so legit that the company – BirdBrain Technologies – was founded at the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Institute.

But, credentials aside, we love the Hummingbird Kit because it breaks down two highly-complex subjects (robotics and computer engineering) into easily digestible games and activities.

As a 20-something, I still have a hard time learning Java. (Insert the world’s tiniest violin.) But, with the Hummingbird Kit, kids can start programming at eight years old. Eight years old!


Check out these awesome eighth-graders showing off their newly-built robots:


Got a Sweet Tooth? Inspire a Future Chemist with the Scientific Explorer Sour Candy Factory Kit

Subjects: Chemistry
Ages: 8+ (Adult Supervision recommended)
Price: $17.19

Scientific Explorer Sour Candy Factory Kit

What kid doesn’t love candy?

With the Sour Candy Factory Kit, you can exploit kids’ love for sweets to encourage them to dabble in the art of chemistry. The kit contains everything you need to make lollipops, hard candy, gummies, sour powder and more.

Imagine all the laughs you’ll get while tasting your kid’s sour creations!

Like these guys:


Get The In My Room Planetarium Projector for a Blossoming Astrophysicist

Subjects: Astronomy, Physics & Mathematics
Ages: 10+
Price: $93.95

In My Room Star Theater Pro Home Planetarium Light Projector
Watch out, Neil De Grasse Tyson!

With the In My Room Planetarium Projector, your home can become the training ground for the world’s next “personal astrophysicist.”

This simple-to-use planetarium slowly rotates to a timer (at 4 hours maximum), so you get a complete view of the night sky within any room. It also comes with 4 different discs so you can learn about our solar system as well as far away galaxies.

Pro Tip: For a maximized astronomy-learning experience, pair this planetarium with the Miller Engineering Planisphere discs while streaming Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey on Netflix.


Got a Gamer in the House? The Bloxels Build Your Own Video Game is Just for You

Subjects: Computer Programing
Ages: 8-13
Price: $34.90

Bloxels Build Your Own Video Game

Never discount the importance of video games!

After all, it was Kinect’s breakthrough technology that paved the way for motion-based machine learning.

In other words, Terminators will easily pinpoint our location thanks to a group of scrappy gamers. But, hey – that’s a conversation for another time, right? 😬

This Toy Insider STEM 10 Winner allows kids to program their own video games using blocks. (Insane, right?)

Kids decide the design, the story, and the rules of the game. Then, watch the video game come to life on any Android, IOS, or Kindle Fire device.

Watch little dude play his own Super Mario reboot using Bloxels:

Grab Aristotle’s Number Puzzle for the Second-Coming of Albert Einstein

Subjects: Mathematics
Ages: 8+
Price: $13.99

Aristotle’s Number Puzzle

Contrary to popular belief, mathematics isn’t just about numbers. Instead, it covers quantity, structure, space, change and – my personal favorite – logic.

The objective of Aristotle’s Number Puzzle is simple: arrange the numbers so the sum of each row is the same.

Sort of like a geometric sudoku, if you will.


We hope these toys are just the beginning (or middle) of your educational play journey as you continue to find new, exciting ways to explore the wonderful world of STEM.

Keep us posted on how your toy experience goes!

As always, stay curious and #StayLit 🐬 🐳

September 29, 2017

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