are algae lamps the future?

Furniture designers of the 21st century are combining science with art. Style is still the capstone for designers; however, there is a focus as to how furniture can benefit a home beyond its aesthetics. Designers are creating furniture that brings nature into the home, and many times these designers are looking for ways to create symbiotic relationships between people and the organisms that live in their furniture.

The Ecotypic Bed

  1. The Ecotypic Bed

Imagine falling asleep surrounded by beautiful greenery while listening to your favorite music. Sounds pretty idyllic right? Well, this impressive bed is designed to give you just that – with a flower box under the bed which allows for vines to grow around the bed like a lush arbor gazebo. You can relax after a long day by reading a book with the help of built-in LED lights. Then wake up refreshed by listening to music through the Ecotypic Bed’s speaker system. But the bed is not just designed to help you sleep: resistance bands for brisk morning workouts are also a part of the bed’s frame.

Moss Table


  1. Moss Table

Biophotovoltaic technology uses the photosynthetic process of plants to create renewable energy. The “Moss Table” is a concept piece to show how biophotovoltaic technology can be integrated with furniture design. At the moment, the moss table does not produce enough energy to power the lamp that is on the table, however, it can power a small digital clock. Scientist believe that the technology is moving quickly and we will see big advancements in the next five years.

The Brandt Aion kitchen of the future!


  1. Brandt Aion Kitchen

Could this be the kitchen of the future? The Brandt Aion Kitchen is an all-in-one kitchen, complete with an electric cooking range, dishwasher, and the ability to make its own soap. This stand-alone kitchen is still not available for consumers, but in the future it could be a very hot item for owners of tiny homes that have limited space.

Living Things - algae for power and decor


  1. Living Things

This decor might look like it jumped off the screen of a science-fiction movie, but this is actually a real-life a functional display named “Living Things”. Created by JD and EF to show how humans can create a symbiotic home with algae, Living Things uses Spirulina algae as a source to create the energy needed to maintain this tiny ecosystem. The energy that is produced by the algae powers the LEDs that help the algae photosynthesize, and the heat created from this process warms the home. But the big twist to this concept is that the excess spirulina can be harvested, dried, and consumed as a super food that is over 60% protein by weight!

The Saturnia grass bench


  1. The Saturnia Bench

This eye-catching bench is like a small park that you can sit on. The modern design invites you to take a seat, or perhaps even lay on the cool grass and take a relaxing afternoon nap. This stone bench would be a great addition to an urban loft, giving guests an opportunity to engage with nature while enjoying an evening of entertainment.

"Green Islands" oasis-style furniture


  1. Green Islands

Green Islands were designed by Jean-Marie Massaud with the intention of giving people a relaxing place to sit in corporate environments. However, with style choices such as fabric material and different ottoman shapes, these islands are equally suited for bright open spaces, bringing the comfort of nature right into your living room.

The moss bath carpet


  1. Moss Bath Rug

Here is a bath rug that really loves water! The moss used for this bath rug does very well in humid environments, which makes it perfect for the bathroom. The only maintenance required is regular watering that you provide by just stepping out of the bath, and your feet will definitely appreciate the cool, cushy feeling of moss.

May 3, 2017

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