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There’s something about dinosaurs that just captures the imagination. Maybe it’s their enormous size, their monstrous appearance, or their aura of mystery, fascination and awe. Whatever the reason, dinosaurs are timelessly and effortlessly cool. No wonder then that dinosaur toys make such awesome gifts, for kids AND adults!

If you’re shopping for a birthday present for your favorite dino-loving little one, or a cool dinosaur gift for the biology teacher in your life, we’ve got some great dinosaur toy ideas for you. Here’s Biopop’s list of our eight favorite dinosaur toys for kids, and kids at heart!

1.) The Dino Pet – Of Course!

dino pet glowing dinosaur


Yeah, call us biased, but we wholeheartedly believe this is one of the coolest toys around for lovers of dinosaurs, biology, and just darn interesting stuff! It doesn’t matter how old you are, there is something here to love for everyone.

The aquarium – which is lovingly shaped like a tail-less apatosaurus (a dino-favorite of the BioPop Crew) – is home to thousands upon thousands of tiny microorganisms called dinoflagellates (get it?) that naturally glow in the dark when you give them a little shake.

It’s the world’s coolest natural night light! Minimal maintenance is required, so the DinoPet is a great “starter pet” for young kids. All you need is occasional food and a mildly-lit room to keep it in.

Dinoflagellates have been around for approximately 400 million years – which means they were kicking around long before the dinosaurs and they’re still humming right along today!

Our standard clear apatosaurus aquarium can be found here, but if you want a little color in your cool new toy, check out our Dino Pet Blue!

Age range:
Kids of all ages, and beyond!

2.) Inflatable T-Rex

inflatable dinosaur

For all you adults who grew up with the Tom Hanks movie Big, you probably remember that super awesome inflatable T-Rex he had in his room. That wasn’t just a Hollywood prop – that’s an actual toy that you can buy here!

An inflatable T-Rex is a great way to add some dino-riffic fun to any kid’s room, as well as a way to keep alive that sense of childlike whimsy and wonder in even the busiest, most responsible adult. An awesome dinosaur toy for movie buffs, too!

If the mighty Tyrannosaurus isn’t quite your thing, you can also find an equally-awesome inflatable Triceratops or a Brachiosaurus!

Age range:
Kids big and small, and kids at heart.

3.) Schleich T-Rex Scale Model Toy

Tyrannosaurus Rex Dinosaur Toy

Paleontologist approved! This accurately-scaled model T-Rex is incredibly detailed and awesomely lifelike, despite his (comparatively) small stature. This tyrant-lizard has a movable jaw for realistic chomping action. It looks just as at home in a toy box as it does on a bookshelf!

You can find this mighty dinosaur toy here.

There’s a slightly cheaper version of essentially this same toy from CollectA, with some minor aesthetic differences. Either way, this is an awesome toy for dinosaur lovers of all ages!

Age range:
5 and up

4.) Excavate! Dinosaurs: Paper Paleontology

Excavate! Dinosaurs: Paper Toy Paleontology

Super educational and super fun! This cool kit of pop-out papercraft includes detailed information on the habits, behaviors, and diet of a dozen of the most famous and infamous dinosaurs, as well as pop-out paper pieces for each dino skeleton that can be assembled into free-standing models. Just like real paleontologists, it’s up to the kids to put the pieces together correctly, based on hints in the book.

This fantastic dinosaur gift can be found here.

Age range:
8 to 12+. Younger kids may find the puzzles too challenging, and careful reading is a must.

5.) Smithsonian Diggin’ Up Dinosaurs T-Rex

Smithsonian Diggin’ Up Dinosaurs T-Rex

Like the “Excavate!” kit above, this great dinosaur toy lets kids put on their paleontologist hats and assemble some dinosaur bones. This kit includes diggable clay and enough buried bones to reconstruct a complete skeleton of the mighty tyrannosaurus rex. Also included are all the tools necessary to get in there and start digging! The kit can be found here.

This is an awesome activity or science project at home as well as in the classroom. A perfect gift for any dino-loving child or teacher!

Age range:
5 and up.

6.) The Jurassic Park Collection on Blu-ray

For many, this movie sparked – or perpetuated – a love and fascination with dinosaurs that stuck well into adulthood. The timeless classic about science gone amok still resonates to this day as a terrifying cautionary tale, as well as a rocking action romp! Thrilling, terrifying, and filled with so much dinosaur-y goodness, this collection is perfect for thrill-seeking movie fans.

And who can forget that score? Here, you can listen to it now if you want to get it stuck in your head for the rest of the day:

The boxed set includes the first three movies in the series, and a “spot” to add Jurassic World if you choose to purchase it separately. Sorry folks, a 4-movie anthology is as yet unreleased.

Age range:
As with most movies, it’s up to the parents’ best judgement. As a word of caution: these flicks can be pretty scary and violent for anyone, but especially for kids under 13.

7.) Playmobil Dino Set

playmobile dinosaur oys


Ah, Playmobil: a fun and hands-on way to play. Not quite as intricate as Lego, these toys are especially suitable for younger kids, but adults can enjoy playing dinosaurs with their children too.

This kit includes a large “erupting” volcano set-piece as well as all sorts of decorative flora and terrain, and of course, two mighty dinosaur toys: a hulking tyrannosaur, and a tanky ankylosaurus. Also included are two human scientist figurines.

Check out the set here!

Age range:
Kids 4 and up

8.) Mighty Megasaur Dino


Sorry, couldn’t control myself for a second there. This is one of those neat little dinosaur toys that can fire up the imagination (and the enthusiasm!) of anyone. The toy is a battery-powered tour de force of dino-tastic lights, sounds, and action!

The eyes light up (which we’re pretty sure is not 100% authentic), the neck, head, and arms articulate, and the dinosaur has cool automated walking action. It also makes awesome roaring sounds! Keep the rest of your toys carefully hidden away, lest they be terrified by the mighty king of the dinosaurs!

A written description doesn’t quite do this dinosaur toy justice, so here’s a video of the Mighty Megasaur in action:

You can buy this beast here.

Age range:
3 and up on the box, but honestly, this might be a little scary for some three year olds. We say 5 and up.

So there you have it, our list of the eight best dinosaur toys for kids and adults! We hope you’ve enjoyed this list. Did we leave off any of your favorite dino toys? Let us know in the comments! And from all of us here at BioPop, we wish you a dino-riffic time finding that perfect gift for your prehistory-passionate pal!

September 26, 2017

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