It’s Friday the 13th (cue spooky music) and, in a statistically inevitable twist of fate, it’s also a full moon. But not just any full moon, mind you, because this one coincides with the moon’s perigee — what smart people call it when the moon is the closest to Earth. Combine this closeness with the summer solstice, when the sun is at it’s highest and the moon tends to hug the horizon, and you’ve got the makings for one uber-rare, amber colored ‘honey moon’.

Appearing much larger than normal due to it’s perigee and proximity to the horizon, the full moon will also stay golden pony boy due to the longer wavelengths of light reflected by the moon scattering when they contact pollution and other particulates in our atmosphere. Think of it as kind of like a moonset, without the full spectrum of the sun variety.

Prime viewing will take place in the hours leading up to midnight tonight, when the Moon is closest to the horizon. And if you miss the show, don’t worry; you can always catch the next one in 2098.

June 13, 2014