Jumping jellyfish – we’re taking dinos out on the town!

The BioPop crew has teamed up with SeaWorld San Diego to produce Living Glow, a fully-interactive exhibit featuring the natural magic of bioluminescence.

SeaWorld guests can now get their hands – and feet! – wet as they learn about dinoflagellates and the essential role they play within our vast marine ecosystems. Science enthusiasts looking for an exciting opportunity to interact with nature are sure to be inspired and amazed by this nighttime exhibit.

Bioluminescence Exhibit at SeaWorld

Living Glow is also part of Electric Ocean, SeaWorld’s night time festival for all ages.

In addition to discovering the magic of dinoflagellates, guests can enjoy Cirque Electrique’s outdoor circus, watch the larger-than-life IllumiNight dance performance, and ride the Atlantis Ignites rollercoaster all night long! By seamlessly weaving education into entertainment, Electric Ocean is sure to spark your innate curiosity of the natural world.

If you’re in the San Diego area now through September 4, 2017, be sure to stop by SeaWorld and discover Living Glow’s interactive exhibit at Electric Ocean!

For more information, visit SeaWorld San Diego’s website.

Best fishes! 🐟 🐟


July 17, 2017

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