You asked, and we listened– we’ve created a new shape to showcase dinoflagellates! It’s round and elegant, and it’s called the Dino Sphere.

This glass sphere is 10cm in diameter, and the contents inside glow brilliantly with the swirl of your hand at night. Just like the Dino Pet, the dinoflagellates gain energy from the sun during the day, and glow brilliantly when interacted with at night.

What makes the Dino Sphere different, besides its modern shape? Less maintenance! A Dino Sphere will last several months in the right temperature and with a proper light/dark schedule. You can extend the life of the Dino Sphere by adding a little Dino Food every few months. There’s also a port in the top of the Dino Sphere that allows for constant ambient air exchange, so you won’t have to open it up every 7-10 days!

The Dino Sphere contains our blue formula of Dino Food, meaning the contents of your Dino Sphere will be a little more robust and have a blue tint during the daytime. It’s an elegant objet d’ art that will fit in well with the classiest of décors.

See the beauty of the Dino Sphere swirl:

Visit for more information and to pre-order your Dino Sphere today! 

Note: The Dino Sphere is expected to ship in June.

March 25, 2016