Before I make the momentous announcement I’m about to make, I want to take a moment to #humblebrag about all of the incredible accomplishments the team at BioPop has made over the last year while turning an ambitious concept into reality.

  • Mastered manufacturing — mastering may be an overstatement, but BioPops founders worked to refine and execute a very unique design with a manufacturing facility on the other side of the world, on an accelerated time schedule. Kudos, gents!
  • Developed proprietary bioproduction methods that have resulted in the largest dinoflagellate culture to ever be successfully grown in a lab. No biggie…
  • Wrote and illustrated a children’s book. Not our typical cup of tea, but we nailed it… You’ll see. 
  • Figured out how to successfully ship a living, bioluminescent organism. Ever heard of dimensional weight? Yeah, we hadn’t either.
  • Launched a new website, designed a comprehensive Dino Pet care manual, had custom equipment made and about a million other tedious and time consuming things that you don’t want to hear about because you’re waiting for an announcement. (it’s coming!)

Needless to say, we’re proud of what we’ve been able to do in a relatively short amount of time, and are endlessly thankful to those who have helped along the way. First and foremost on that list are all of our Kickstarter backers who believed in the Dino Pet enough to give us a shot at creating it. ‘Thank you’ doesn’t seem sufficient, but THANK YOU(!!!) nonetheless.

With no further ado, I’m pleased, nay, ecstatic to announce that BioPop will be launching a limited-run early access sale of the Dino Pet on August 28th. The sale will give our long-standing supporters, and super-savvy web surfers the opportunity to get their hands on the first Dino Pets to be shipped after our Kickstarter campaign.

The sale will kick off at 12:01am PST on August 28th, and last until we sell out.

Orders placed during the early access sale will begin shipping during the week of October 13th. If you are feeling benevolent, and would like to help us spread the word, please tell your friends and click here to tweet about it.

Stay tuned…

August 20, 2014