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In celebration of Halloween, our Community Relations Manager, Jack, will show you a super-simple method for making slime.

Making slime is so easy that it only requires three ingredients:

  • Borax (which you can purchase at a local grocery store),
  • Washable school glue, and
  • Water

Want to make your slime Halloween-themed? Try experimenting with food dye, glitter, googly eyes or even mini-spiders!


The Science Behind Slime

Slime is what we call a non-Newtonian fluid, which means that it acts as both a liquid and a solid.

School glue is made of polyvinyl alcohol, which contains long strings of molecules. In their normal state, the molecules within polyvinyl alcohol act as long, slippery strings that slide past one another.

When you add Borax – which contains the chemical compound, borate – to water, it creates borate ions. These ions act as links that connect the long strings of polymers together.

In turn, the continual interaction between borate ions and polyvinyl alcohol creates that weird, slimy effect that has captured the fascination of kids and adults alike.

We hope you enjoy our slime tutorial!
As always, #StayLit and feel free to share your slime creations with the BioPop team on social media.

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October 31, 2017

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