Hello friends, and welcome to the first ever BioPop blog post. Hold on to your collective seat, because a lot has been happening in the world of BioPop… including the genesis of the world of BioPop. Thanks to an overwhelming response by the most intelligent backers the world has ever seen, we cleaned up shop on Kickstarter with the debut of the Dino Pet, expanded our operation, brought in new partners, moved in to bigger office, and were reborn as BioPop: Biological and Popular Culture.


We’re currently working on ironing out the final kinks in the plastic manufacturing process, developing our dinoflagellate production line, and trying to solve important office conundrums like “do we absolutely need an extra Labgard Class II Type A2 Biological Safety Cabinet, or can we keep the ping pong table where it is?” #startupproblems.


Perhaps the most exciting development as of late is the quite-literally glowing health of our dinoflagellates. As we experiment with the little buggers, our techniques are evolving. The result: the brightest dinos we’ve seen to date. Check out the images below and you’ll see exactly what we mean.




February 1, 2014