Did you know that blue is the most favored color in the world? Seriously, 10 countries across the globe identified blue as their country’s favorite color in a recent study. Well, for all of you blue fans out there, we have a new friend to introduce you to… Dino Pet Blue!

If you own a Dino Pet (or have explored our site enough), you know that in order to keep your dinos happy and healthy over time, you need to feed them Dino Food once every 7-10 days. Dino Food is made up of saltwater and nutrients that the dinoflagellates need in order to grow and reproduce. That reproduction is what will keep your Dino Pet glowing night after night. And the more dinos you have inside your Dino Pet, the more intense the light show will be at night!

Dino Pet Blue is blue because it comes with a special, color-enhanced version of our Dino Food- Dino Food Blue! Dino Food Blue still contains all of the nutrients and saltwater that the dinos need to survive on, but there is blue dye in the water that gives your Dino Pet a subtle blue tint all day long.

Besides having a more stylish Dino Pet to enjoy during the day, there are some serious health benefits to going blue.

Our initial data shows that the blue coloring in Dino Food Blue does more than just add color to the water, it acts as an antioxidant by reducing free radicals from the dinoflagellates’ environment. Dino Food Blue will also protect your dinoflagellates from radiation damage, increasing the longevity of your Dino Pet.

Dino Food Blue and standard Dino Food are interchangeable and can be used together, so switching to blue is simple! Be sure to check out Dino Pet Blue and Dino Food Blue… and don’t forget about Dino Stuffy– the original blue trendsetter.

February 3, 2017