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Are you worried about the health of your dinoflagellates during the summer?

No need to worry – we’re always here to hold your fin! 🐬During these dogfish days of summer, your dinoflagellates (dinos) will need just a little extra care to ensure they remain happy and healthy.

Temperature fluctuations, overexposure to sunlight, and over-feedings are some common mishaps we see from new dino parents. It’s important to keep your dinos’ home environment as stable as possible to keep them at their optimal health.

Do you need help maintaining your dinos’ glow during the summer? Here are four tips to keep your dinos happy and healthy:

Tip # 1: Use Only Indirect Sunlight

You may feel tempted to take your dinos outside to enjoy the summer sun, but please be sure to proceed with caution!

Dinoflagellates thrive in low to moderate light, and never direct sunlight. So, if you’re planning on taking beauty shots outside with your dinos, please take great care to ensure they’re not exposed to direct UV rays or fluctuating heat.

Our recommendation is to think of your Dino Pet or Dino Sphere as an indoor houseplant. Although it needs minimal care to survive, it is still sensitive to extreme environments.

Need help with keeping your dinos glowing? Send us an email at

We’re always here to help!

Tip #2: Keep Your Temperatures Stable

Dinos are at their happiest when they’re stored in environments with stable temperatures. The temperature “sweet spot” is 63 – 77 °F or 17 – 25 °C.

But, remember – the environment still needs to be stable. Even within this sweet spot range, a 10° fluctuation within a 24-hour period could be harmful for your dinos!

If the temperature of your home is getting a bit too toasty for comfort, try placing your dinos in a cool area of your home (but, not your refrigerator!) or place them in front of a fan.

You’ll know your dinos are happy if they continue to glow brightly.

Tip #3: Set Your Dinos Up Right Away

We always recommend tracking your dino shipment and setting up your Dino Pet or Dino Sphere right away, but it’s especially important during the hot summer months.

Remember, dinos are happiest when they’re in their “sweet spot” range of 63 – 77 °F or 17 – 25 °C. Try not to let your dinos sit outside in the sun for long periods of time.

Tip #4: Practice Dino First Aid

Finally, if your dinos still aren’t as bright as they once were, here are some first aid tips to follow:

  • First, if your dinos appear dimmer at night and are not producing the light they once were – DO NOT FEED. Stop all feedings and put your dinos in a low light location for 8 – 14 hours/day.
  • Make sure the location allows for steady and consistent day/night cycles. If possible, use a light timer to control the duration of light during the day. Leave your dinos in this location for several days without moving.
  • You may also open the belly cap or remove the plug briefly once a day to allow for better air exchange. Doing so for a few minutes will help equilibrate the dinos’ environment.
  • After 3 – 4 days, check for bioluminescence. Once your dinos begin lighting up again, you may continue feeding regularly.

We hope these tips are helpful to you as you continue to care for your dinos during the summer season. Remember, if you ever need a little extra assistance, our Dino Doctors are always available at

#StayLit and best fishes !🐟🐟

August 16, 2017

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