Nerdy Valentines Day ideas

If shopping for Valentine’s Day gifts stresses you out, then this guide is for you.

We love nerds (obviously), but let’s be honest! They can be pretty difficult to shop for.

And, since flowers and chocolates just won’t cut it (and nothing says “I didn’t try” like an Amazon gift card) we’re always scouting for unique gifts that demonstrate extra thought and care.

“A super comfy Gameboy hoodie just for me? BUT, HOW DID YOU KNOW?”

Yeah, we’re cool like that.

If you’re ready to blow your nerd bae’s socks off, check out our roundup of geek-approved Valentine’s Day gifts:

1. Bioluminescent Dinosaur

Price: $59.95

Glowing algae in a dinosaur-shaped aquarium? Yes, please!

This Dino Pet contains thousands of microscopic marine algae that glow at night when played with. Plus, if you purchase a Dino Pet Blue before February 8, it comes with a free Valentine’s Day gram.

Coincidentally, you can purchase the Dino Pet right here on our website.
(Ugh… Shameless plugs, amirite?)

2. High-Tech Water Bottle

Price: $54.95​

This futuristic water bottle tracks your daily water intake and syncs to all your favorite fitness smartphone apps.

Plus, if you lose your water bottle (which – Oh my God! – why do I keep doing this?) it will display your last paired location on Maps.

3. Gameboy Hoodie

Price: $24.99

Do I really need to explain why?

4. Reusable Whiteboard Notebook

Price: $44.95

Got an eco-friendly nerd in your life? This Wipebook has 20 pages of dry-erase “paper” that will keep your nerd bae’s carbon footprint clean.

5. Polaroid Instant Camera

Price: $59.99

What’s old soon becomes new again, and the iconic Polaroid is no exception. Back by popular demand, this camera is the perfect gift for any nostalgia nerd who loves capturing memories.

6. Bedside Essentials Pocket

Price: $25.00

Practically every nerd I know loves taking their electronics to bed. Sure, it’s not the best habit one could have, but hey! I’m not here to judge.

With this bedside pocket, at least they’ll have everything all in one place.

We hope you have all the inspiration you need to buy the perfect Valentine’s Day gift this year! Remember, the most important part is finding something that shows you took extra thought and care.

Feel free to show us your nerdy Valentine’s Day gifts by tagging us on social media with @BioPop.

And, for more cool bioluminescent pieces – check out our store!

February 11, 2018