Terrariums are great decorating accessories for your home because they add color and life to your wide open spaces. Most importantly, terrariums give you an opportunity show off your personality. From whimsical to minimalistic, these organic works of art will give your home a fresh look and a personal touch that goes beyond any standard decor.


whimsical terrarium

Looking into a terrarium will transport you into a different world. Like a blank canvas, terrariums allow you to unleash your imagination. From garden gnomes to recreations of scenes from Star Wars, the creative possibilities are endless.



Perhaps you love hiking in the woods, or you want a landscape that will invoke serenity. Then a terrarium that replicates a natural scene of moss covered cliffs surrounded by lush greenery can be a great highlight to your room that will set a relaxing atmosphere.


minimalistic terrariums

For people who prefer minimalist interior design, terrariums are excellent accents to homes with simple decor. A single succulent or desert plant will add just enough color to create a bold focal point without taking away from the sleek look of your room.

Truly unique

dino sphere glowing
Dino Sphere

Biopop’s Dino Sphere is very distinct accent piece for your home. The Dino Sphere contains a special type of phytoplankton known as dinoflagellates that produce a bioluminescent blue light when swished around. These tiny organisms will only light up after sun down due to their internal clocks that tells them when to photosynthesize. The Dino Sphere will inspire conversation, and have guests intrigued with its beautiful glow.


There are many different decor choices that can help you accent your house and exemplify who you are. Art adds color, photos highlight emotions, but living decor like the Dino Sphere will give a unique insight into your personality. Adding a piece of you through living decor will add a touch of warmth and turn a house into a home.
Terrariums home decor

February 17, 2017

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