Thank you for visiting our site. However, we have closed for business and will no longer be selling or supporting BioPop products, nor taking any additional orders. We will honor any active gift coupons if redeemed by March 31, 2018. If you would like to get a DinoFood equivalent to feed your DinoPet or DinoSphere, please search for dinoflagellates and filtered sea water options available for sale on internet sites such as Amazon and Google.

We have enjoyed being able to bring to people interactive and living products that inspire connectivity with the natural world and hope that an appreciation for biological science continues to awaken the imagination in minds of all generations.

 Three simple steps for successfully growing dinoflagellates

1) Moderate light- do not subject dinoflagellates to intense lighting (direct sunlight would be intense)

2) Moderate feedings- Do not overfeed dinoflagellates- less is best. Make your DinoFood last longer

3) Moderate temperatures- 55F – 85F
(Ideal 68F- 73F)

For more detailed dinoflagellate care instructions use this link: Dino Care


February 22, 2018