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The robotic engineering and artificial intelligence industries have expanded tremendously over recent years, with more and more public funds being funneled into programs fostering robotics research, production, and perhaps most significantly: education. The British and New Zealand governments have pledged substantial funds for robotics education, for example. And the world at large is planning for a robotic future by training the engineers of tomorrow, today!

The annual Vex Robotics World Championship takes the best and brightest young students from 30 nations where they compete in a variety of engineering challenges. The event is encouraging more and more schools to channel funds into their robotic engineering initiatives. To help encourage more young girls especially to take an interest in STEM fields, the Robotics Education and Competition Foundation has created Girl Powered, which awards young girls who participate in robotic challenges.

The Vex Robotics Competition

Getting kids interested in STEM fields is a vital part of securing our future, as the world shifts into an increasingly automated and robot-oriented global society. STEM can be a tough sell for kids though, so programs like the Vex Robotics World Championship make STEM fun with an engaging, hands-on, and undeniably cool introduction to more advanced engineering.


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encouraging engineers of tomorrow

March 30, 2017

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