Dino Food 2.0


In a tireless pursuit of providing the best bioluminescent experience possible, our bespectacled team of scientists has been hard at work in the lab developing a new Dino Food formulation. And boy, did they hit it out of the park!

Brighter — As you can see from the graph below, the new Dino Food formula (red) increased the peak brightness of the dinoflagellates by almost 50%. What’s more, the little dinos are able to sustain their bioluminescence longer without additional agitation.

Faster — The micronutrients in Dino Food 2.0 have also proven to produce quicker growth and reproduction. That means more dinoflagellates to light up your Dino Pet even faster!

Stronger — Dinoflagellates suspended in the new Dino Food are so dang happy, they don’t mind the shipping process quite as much and have shown much better survival rates overall.


  • Ashley Ann says...

    Hi dino friends! On Facebook you told me to send you an email for a replacement! what is your email address? so excited !

    On June 01, 2015

  • Anne says...

    Will I be getting this new formulation when I buy DIno Food here http://biopop.com/products/dino-food ?

    On May 19, 2015

  • BioPop says...

    Hi Deann,

    Sorry to hear your Dinos never lit up! It sounds like they most likely perished during transit for some reason. We just shot you an email so we can get your Dino Pet glowing strong again!

    The BioPop Crew

    On April 07, 2015

  • Deann says...

    Our Dinos never lit up. We had them under a bulb that didn’t get hot for 12 hours then covered up for 12 hours, but they never light up. We weren’t sure how often to feed them. But we gave them food occasionally. No light. Now they’re in more natural light because of spring, but still they aren’t light up.

    On April 06, 2015

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