A Dino's Tale

A Dino's Tale storybook is a bioluminescent adventure with a Dino and his guide, Lampy (an energetic lightning bug).




Go on a bioluminescent quest of discovery with a brave little Dino and his guide, Lampy, an energetic lightning bug.  A Dino's Tale storybook takes children on an epic journey as the Dino sets off to discover who he is, and what it takes to make him glow.  Will it teach your kids how to care for the Dino Pet without even knowing they're learning?  Yes!  Is it so beautifully illustrated that it's sure to keep your kids rapt in awe?  Indeed it is, thanks to artist Manny Pantoja!  Does it rhyme really scientific words like photosynthesis and bioluminescence? Sort of!

For the optimum experience, grab a flashlight and your Dino Pet, turn out the lights, and your children can bring the story to life by shaking along!


Beautiful art through Biology for the Popular Culture.