BioPop Sticker Pack

Assorted pack of Dino Pet and BioPop stickers.




Wanna impress your friends with how smart and nerdy-cool you are? Get yourself an assorted pack of 3” Dino Pet and BioPop stickers!

Decorate your laptop, your backpack, your toilet (sure, why not?), or even your neighbor’s annoying cat! It doesn’t matter - with these bad boys, you’ll be part of the underground elite of dino freaks and geeks, so YOU make up all the rules.

Are these stickers adorably awesome and cute? You bet! Will they last until eternity? We hope so! Will these stickers get you all the coolest friends you’ve always hoped for? Still testing this one out!

So, what are you waiting for? Get these stickers… now!


Beautiful art through Biology for the Popular Culture.