If your dinoflagellates (dinos) aren’t as bright as they once were, here are some first aid tips to follow:

  • Bioluminescence is a good indicator of health. If your dinos appear dimmer at night and are not producing the light they once were – DO NOT FEED. Stop all feedings and put your dinos in a low light location (8-14 hrs/day).
  • Make sure the location allows for steady and consistent day/night cycles. If possible, use a light timer to control the duration of light during the day. Leave your dinos in this location for several days without moving.
  • You may also open the belly cap or remove the plug briefly once a day to allow for better air exchange. Doing so for a few minutes will help equilibrate the dinos’ environment.
  • After 3- 4 days, check for bioluminescence. Once your dinos begin lighting up again, you may continue feeding regularly.

August 6, 2017