Whale… the short answer is that with the proper care, your dinoflagellates (dinos) have the potential to live indefinitely.

Dinos require:

  1. Moderate lighting 8-14 hours a day
  2. Moderate temperature, ideal 69° F (range 63° F – 77° F) or 20° C (range 17° C to 25° C)
  3. Small, regular feedings (beneficial for optimal health)

With small feedings of Dino Food (for the Dino Pet) or Dino Nutrients (for the Dino Sphere) every 7-10 days, your dinos can potentially reproduce indefinitely. Be careful not to overfeed your dinos. If this is all getting a little overwhelming, don’t worry — a complete care manual is included in your shipment.

If your dinos stop glowing for any reason within 90 days of your purchase, drop us a line to receive a complimentary replacement of dinoflagellates.

August 6, 2017