Work for BioPop

Want to work for BioPop? We’re always looking for talented individuals. Currently, there are no open positions, but please tell us about yourself in 500 characters or less, and we just might get back to you. Check out the Samples below for guidance.

The Good:

I’m a hardworking, affable person with (blank) years of experience in (some awesome field), who never lets (his/her) love for San Diego’s wealth of craft beer interfere with work. I have won multiple awards in my field, including the (some foundation) Award for (something great) and the (a dead person’s name) Lifetime Achievement Award for (something extraordinarily charitable). I have a passion for science and education, so working with the geniuses at BioPop would be a dream come true.

The Bad:

I like Dinosaurs. I also like getting paid, so you should definitely hyre me. San Diego is nice. I’ve had many other jobs, and wasn’t fired from most of them. I have an orange belt in karate, meaning I can also handle security for the company at no extra charge. I did it at a bar in my hometown and set the record for most cracked skulls in a night. I have a trophy if you want to see it. It says I need 500 characters, so… donkey mountain tinfoil blanket supercalifragilisticexpialidocious waffle.