Educational Sponsorship

Nature studies should begin during the pre-school years and continue throughout an individual’s life. Children have an intrinsic interest in nature and are inquisitive about everything around them. Providing access to resources and tools that stimulate the child’s mind and imagination are critical to the success of their overall development. The Dino Pet has the following attributes that make it an excellent teaching and learning tool for children of all ages:

  1. The Dino Pet provides an early introduction into the caring and maintenance of a pet with limited demands. Feeding (providing fresh nutrients and water approximately every 4 weeks) and nurturing (providing indirect or filtered light) your Dino results in a reward of a brilliant nightly light show. If the Dino Pet owner slacks on providing either of these needs, the organisms can easily be replaced and the caregiving lessons can start anew.
  2. The Dino Pet is filled with a species of Dinoflagellates that are living oceanic organisms. A world of fascination and wonder is opened when learning about these amazing creatures. They provide an opportunity to dive into the natural phenomenon of photosynthesis and bioluminescence. The role of phytoplankton can also be used in environmental studies (they produce ~85% of the Earths oxygen). Their unicellular structures are also awe-inspiring to view under a budding scientist’s microscope!
  3. The Dino Pet’s form was designed with a focus on aesthetics, charm and function. The sleek lines and curves of the container showcases a contemporary art piece while the size, weight and dino shape make it perfect for little hands to grasp, hold and shake.

Do you want to use the Dino Pet to teach your kids about marine biology, bioluminescence, circadian rhythms or any of the other scientific curiosities the Dino Pet embodies? Do you also hold certification to do so? Well, you’re in luck! We at BioPop love to support the education of future scientists, so please leave us your contact info, credentials and ideas for how you’d like to use the Dino Pet and we’ll get in touch as soon as we’re able. And thanks for looking after the minds of our youth!

Beautiful art through Biology for the Popular Culture.