Dino Pet Tips and Questions

Download the Dino Pet Manual for information on how to take care of your Dino Pet.

Here are a few things to be aware of when your Dino Pet first arrives //

Pacific Time Zone //

Since your dinoflagellates have been on Pacific Time (San Diego), they are accustomed to bioluminescing between 7pm (PT) and 5am (PT). Depending on where you live, do the time conversion and view your Dino Pet during these hours (i.e. if you live in the Eastern time zone (Boston, for instance), you should view your Dino Pet in the dark after 10pm (ET) and before they see light the next morning.

Shake and Bake! (well, don’t bake it) //

Your Dino Pet lights up in response to mechanical stimulation — shaking! Give your Dino Pet a little shake to see the beautiful bioluminescence of the dinoflagellates within.

How full should I fill my Dino Pet?

Your desired fill level depends on the effects you want to see, and how you'd like your Dino Pet to look during the day. Below is a reference image for you. If you choose to fill it all the way to the brim it is difficult to agitate the dinoflagellates within, but gives a subtle starry-night type effect when you shake the Dino Pet. If you leave a small bubble, the dinoflagellates will be easier to agitate, and you'll see more light. A large bubble will result in an even brighter light show. The coolest part is you can always unscrew the cap to let a little liquid out to create a large bubble, or fill it up with a little Dino Food to reduce the bubble size, so have fun experimenting and discovering which fill level you prefer.

Dino Pet Fill Levels

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