Redeem Dino Pet Blue

Congratulations! You either have really smart friends who excel at buying gifts, or you just made the most intelligent purchase of your life. Either way, if you recently became the owner of a Dino Pet Blue and are looking to make it glow, you’re in the right place! Simply enter the Handy Code found on the Fill‘er Up Card enclosed in the Dino Pet Blue box, enter your shipping information, and we’ll shoot you a code to track your delivery.

We ship 2-3 day express shipping on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday before 12pm PST.

Please note: Ideal shipping temperatures are between 50-70 degrees Fahrenheit. If weather in your region is below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, or above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, we may hold your shipment until temperatures reach a safer range for your dinoflagellates.

If you prefer, we will upgrade your order to overnight shipping (for a fee). Simply email customer service at to make this request.

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Dino Pet Redeem

Beautiful art through Biology for the Popular Culture.