Brighten your mornings with Sparkling Smile!


Do you want teeth so white, they glow? Are you tired of that annoying layer of enamel? Do you know that gullible is not a word in the dictionary? Then Sparkling Smile is for you!

Sparkling Smile contains phytoplankton that will literally beat bacteria on a molecular level. This patented formula is proven to give you a brighter, more luminous smile. Comes in your choice of flavor: marine mint or funky fresh.

9 out of 10 dentists recommend the other brand, but that 10th dentist... he works in our lab and thinks this is great!

Sparkling Smile is not currently available for landlubbers, but be sure to check out our bioluminescent products such as Dino Pet and Dino Sphere!

Beautiful art through Biology for the Popular Culture.