Dino Pet

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dino pet glowing dinosaur

Dino Pet

The bioluminescent dinosaur!


Sale Dino Food

Dino Food

Seawater + micronutrients that dinos love.


Dino Refill

Dino Refill

Resurrect your Dino Pet from the... dark.


Deluxe Bundle

Dino Pet Deluxe Bundle

Everything you need to be the ultimate Dino Pet aficionado, and look good doing it!


Dino Egg Glowing with dinoflagellates

Dino Egg

A little pouch of living light!


Dino Pet Shell Side Angled

Dino Pet Shell

Propagate your Dino Pet herd!


Dino Pet

Dino Pet Education Kit

Bring the Dino Pet into your classroom!