Sunlight features your flower 'bloom' during the day. The night takes shape when a gentle swirl of the Bloom vase produces a beautiful whirlpool of blue glow.



What is Bloom?

Bloom is a cube-shaped vessel that invites Nature’s splendor into your home. Add a fresh-cut 'bloom' for daytime enjoyment. As night falls, experience a dazzling blue display from the thousands of blooming plankton that thrive inside the vase. The light show is bioluminescence, one of the most magical phenomena in the natural world. While sunlight features the flower, the plankton use the sun’s rays for energy. The night takes shape when a gentle swirl of the vase produces a beautiful whirlpool of blue glow.


  • 3" clear glass cube
  • 5" clear glass test tube
  •  Living, bioluminescent dinoflagellates
  • *Flower bloom not included


Bloom contains living organisms, so all orders must ship via express delivery (Standard Shipping is USPS Priority). If you select Standard Shipping or 2-day FedEx Shipping during checkout, we ship these orders on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday only. If you order after 12pm PT on Wednesday, your order will be held until the following week. Be sure to open the package immediately upon arrival and follow the instructions inside the Bloom box.

Orders will be held during extreme weather conditions (extreme heat or inclement weather). Orders will be shipped/delivered when weather permits.

*NEW* - Next Day Domestic Shipping Option!
Do you live in a US region that has extreme temperatures? For the health of the dinoflagellates, we recommend that you choose the next day shipping option during checkout so the living dinoflagellates are only in transit for 1 day!  If you select FedEx Overnight Shipping during checkout and place your order before 12pm PT Monday-Thursday, your order will be shipped that afternoon for arrival the next day (except for holidays). Note: Orders placed between Thursday 12pm and Monday 12pm will ship on Monday.

BioPop currently ships Bloom within the USA and internationally to Canada, UK, France, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Belgium, Japan and Hong Kong.  Duties and taxes are included in the shipping rate and collected at check out. Bloom is still working on getting clearance for other international travel destinations. Please sign up to our newsletter at the bottom of this page and we'll let you know the moment Bloom is available to buy in your country!

Bloom Care

Moderate lighting (indirect sunlight or artificial room light) is ideal.  Keep the Bloom vase away from direct sunlight or intense light conditions.  Low light conditions are optimal versus intense light.

The ideal temperature for Bloom is 68F (20C).  Keep Bloom within a temperature range of 63F to 77F (17C- 25C).  A sudden drastic change in temperature is not recommended.

Bloom Lifetime:  A Bloom vase will produce light for several months by providing consistent moderate lighting and moderate temperatures.  To extend the lifetime of Bloom, add small amounts of Dino Food or Dino Food Blue every few months.

Bioluminescence:  Bloom will only light up when swirled in a dark room during nighttime hours.  Bloom will not light up during daytime hours, even in a dark room.   Bloom will generally start to produce light after about an hour into its nighttime phase when swirled in the dark.  The light intensity will increase as the night progresses.


Beautiful art through Biology for the Popular Culture.