Dino Food 3 Month Subscription

Because nobody wants a hungry dino in their room.




Everyone who’s seen Jurassic Park knows that Dinos like to eat goats and lawyers, but what does the Dino Pet like to munch on? BioPop’s crack culinary team spent months experimenting in the kitchen to devise a scrumptious feast for Dino Pets, made up of nutrients dissolved in sterile salt water*. Yum! Inside the BioPop Dino Food container, there’s enough sustenance to keep your Pet brilliant and bright for 1-2 months.

When your Dino Pet is quite bright and dense with dinoflagellates (about 7-10 days after set-up), just unscrew the cap in the Dino’s belly, pour out about 1/5 of the contents, and fill it back up with Dino Food to ensure your Pet will stay glowing strong, and even reproducing! Feed your Dino Pet every 7-14 days.

*No lawyers or goats were harmed in the development of BioPop Dino Food.


  • Sea Water + micronutrients that dinos love to eat

Important Feeding Tips

  • When feeding your Dino Pet, don't pour out too much of the dinoflagellate culture inside. Dinoflagellates don't fare well if they are diluted with too much sea water.
  • Dinoflagellates divide every 7-14 days inside your Dino Pet. Cell division times vary depending on the amount of light received, room temperature and available nutrients.
  • Again, feed your Dino Pet every 7-14 days. You can allow your Dino Pet to grow very dense with dinoflagellate cells to see very bright bioluminescent light when shaken.


Dino Food

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