Dino Nutrients


It's like plant food for plankton.


Optimized for use with Dino Sphere and Bloom Vase (open systems / micro aquariums).

BioPop’s crack culinary team spent months out at sea to devise a scrumptious feast for the dinoflagellates within your micro aquarium (open system).  Dino Nutrients is akin to plant food (not the kind of food you put down your gullet) made up of none other than concentrated nutrients that are dissolved in sterile salt water. Yum! Inside the BioPop Dino Nutrients container, there’s enough sustenance to keep your dinoflagellates brilliant and bright for 1-2 months.

When your micro aquarium is quite bright and dense with dinoflagellates (about 7-10 days after set-up), just tip the Dino Nutrient container into the hole in the top of your aquarium, pour in about 1/4 of the contents to ensure your dinos will stay glowing strong, and even reproducing! Feed your micro aquarium every 7-14 days.

Note: Dino Nutrients are to dinoflagellates as plant food is to plants – not altogether mandatory for survival but very important for health.  Regular weekly feedings will provide the benefit of a brighter night-time glow and an overall healthier environment.


  • Sea Water + concentrated micronutrients that dinos love to eat

Important Feeding Tips

  • Don’t overfeed the dinoflagellates in your micro aquarium. Dinoflagellates don’t fare well if they are diluted with too much sea water.
  • Dinoflagellates divide every 7-14 days inside your micro aquarium. Cell division times vary depending on the amount of light received, room temperature and available nutrients.
  • Again, feed your dinoflagellates every 7-14 days. You can allow your micro aquarium to grow very dense with dinoflagellate cells to see very bright bioluminescent light when swirled.